Mobile Websites: Why They Are So Important

Consumers today are frustrated. Over half of them state they are unable to find what they need in brick-and-mortar stores. Where do they turn? You guessed it! They start shopping online. Trends are quickly changing and in-store traffic is diminishing and online shopping is increasing. To take advantage of this change, it is crucial to have a mobile website that consumers love.

Do you run a website? Have you made the necessary tweaks that will optimize the site for mobile users? If not, you may be missing out on a lot of visitors and money!

Mobile websites on phonesDid you know that each day there are nearly 1.6 billion users online? While that may seem like a lot, at least half of those users are using their mobile phones. And that number grows each day. Using mobile devices and tablets, some features of non-optimized websites can be quite hard to navigate. If users are unable to quickly and effectively use your site, chances are, they are going to leave and may not return.

Study after study has shown that consumers who use properly designed mobile sites have a much better experience. Not only that, but they are more engaged with the site, have a more positive outlook of the business, and in the end, they are more likely to push the purchase button. More and more people are viewing websites with their mobile phones and also searching Google for products and services. Because of this it’s become increasing important to market your website properly online so it gets seen by as many searches are possible. Click here to learn more about search marketing.

Just as having a mobile site is crucial, so is having a professional desktop experience. Luckily, there are options available that allow both desktop and mobile users to have a rewarding and positive experience when they visit your site. By programming your site so changes automatically take place, all users will be engaged. For instance, when the screen size is smaller, create images that automatically resize. You can do this for text, too. Along with that, you can have the layout automatically change depending on the user. The great part about this programming option is that you only have to have one site.

In conclusion, today’s consumers want to be able to shop wherever they are. Whether they are on their desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, creating a site that allows them to fully engage with your site is crucial. The more positive experience they have, the more likely they are to engage with your site and make the purchase. Not only that, the more likely they are to return and send their friends your way.